Trusted Inc.

Trusted Inc. builds international and local human security by leveraging extraordinary technology patents in blockchain, alternative energy, collaboration and project-based organic education, and creative applications of entrepreneurial behavioral economics.

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Designing an entrepreneurial breakthrough economy in developing nations and neighborhoods. Read the book chapter.


Blockchain protected, responsibly-sourced natural emeralds with legendary color and award-winning cutting, all from our privileged, conflict-free Panjshir mine access.


Breakthrough patented TrustedBlockchain and SecureGem™ technology combines state of the art blockchain technology with a sophisticated, first-of-its-kind, tamper-proof, proprietary combination of oracles, gemstone fingerprinting, and fair trade biometrics.


Crime, violence, radicalism, and poverty are all siblings of the same parents: inquisitive minds dulled by 19th-century, lecture-based education systems, and lack of stimulating job and entrepreneurial opportunities that don't cost ridiculous amounts of money for a college "social experiment."

We can solve these problems with a 21st-century, organic, project-based, entrepreneurial education system, with mentors and facilitators and leaders, rather than lecturers and test-givers!